Human Resources In Syrian Hospitals:

Two types of questions were formulated according to hospital preference:

1. Number of medical staff

2. Detailed information about the hospital medical staff

Such questionnaire purposed to know the real number of medical staff at the hospital and to know whether the staff were working in more than one hospital.

Almost 64 % of the surveyed hospitals refused to give detailed information about their staff, primarily for security reasons, whereas 36 % hospital gave the information.


The following figure shows the percentage of staff that is working at a single hospital versus working at multiple medical facilities.


This graph illustrates in general that almost 26% of medical staff had worked at more than one hospital ( only 36% of hospitals staff were verified in this figure ). However, upon studying the data further and performing additional analysis, the percentage in some specialties is much higher.

  • When analyzing the data for surgical staff, it showed that almost 50 % of the surgical staff were working in more than one hospital in the given sample.


  • 30% of non-surgical staff were working in more than one hospital


  • Technical and nursing staff images reduced to less than 20 %